Frequent Flyer Programs

plane The frequent flyer kind of programs represent the amount of services that are provided by an airline carrier to its loyal passengers. These programs are meant to motivate people to book flights and to reward their loyalty. One can get free flight tickets, priority boarding, extra language, discounts and gifts. All around the world, there are many airline companies that chose to motivate their clients in this way.

Nowadays, the importance of traveling is a priority and a new system of attractive strategies are being implemented, in order to draw more customers. There is now a whole system of awards, recompenses, advantages and facilitates offered to those people that travel frequently using the same carrier or group of airline carriers. All in order to keep the customers loyal to their services.

The Frequent Flyer program is one part in the huge travel industry. There are many airline or travel companies that offer this service to their customers. There are many names to describe it but basically the program is the same, offering points and gifts in order to thank customers for their loyalty. If you are a customer and you enroll into this program, you will be getting points for every time you use the company’s services. Depending on your purchasing frequency and also the amount spent, you will be getting more points or less. It is logical to assume that the bigger the purchase and the more frequent, the significant the points are. Those points can easily be converted into free miles, which can mean a free trip. Different airline companies offer different points for national and international flights, so you might want to check out their rules.

All in all, this is a good way of letting the customers know that you appreciate their fidelity and award them.

Photo credit: i’m george on Flickr